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Law Practice Areas

St Cloud, Big Lake, Cold Spring and surrounding areas

Law Practice Areas

St Cloud, Big Lake, Cold Spring and surrounding areas

Divorce and Family Law


When it comes to life changing events such as a divorce or custody of your children, or life enabling decisions such as child support or family maintenance, Jeddeloh Snyder PA has experienced attorneys you can trust. When the outcome will affect your children, your home and your financial security Jeddeloh Snyder PA is the law firm who is committed to you and bringing a happy outcome.

Estate Planning & Elder Law



Estate planning is not just for the elderly. Defining who will take care of your affairs if you are unable to or who will inherit your assets upon your passing will ensure the financial safety and protection of your family. At Jeddeloh Snyder PA our experienced attorneys take the ever changing estate tax laws and create an estate plan for you to protect your assets and meet your goals.

Real estate law experts in Minnesota

Real Estate Law


When engaging in any type of Real Estate transaction, it is important to enlist the counsel of one of our attorneys. From a supposedly simple Lease Agreement, to Land Titles, if they have not been reviewed by someone who represents your best interests, they can lead to serious complications for you in the future, including Civil Litigation and Mediation.

Business and Commercial Law


Whether you are setting up a business entity or signing a contract, Jeddeloh Snyder PA provides the experience you need to navigate through the sometimes complex nature of Business Law. We have been providing exceptional legal services for 30 years and have earned a reputation of Integrity and Trust. You need to protect your business and your personal assets through proper legal structures.