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Minnesota Child Support Attorney

Jeddeloh & Snyder PA Attorneys are Experts in Child Support Laws in Minnesota
Get child support help and advice

Minnesota Child Support Attorney

Jeddeloh & Snyder PA Attorneys are Experts in Child Support Laws in Minnesota
Get child support help and advice


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 What is Child Support?

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Kafr Şaqr Child support consists of court-ordered payments made by one parent to the other parent for raising the child. In most cases, the one paying the support does not live with the child. Sometimes there will be a third party with custody, and they may ask for payments from both parents. Child support is meant to be used for the basic needs of the child. There are many examples of basic need expenses for children.

Child support is based on the income of both parents. The basic idea is that a child should have the same financial resources available to him or her as if his or her parents were married. This includes housing, clothing, education, food, and more.

Calculating Child Support Costs

To calculate child support, the courts and child support attorneys follow child support guidelines established by Minnesota law. There are three main parts used to calculate child support costs. They include basic support, medical support, and support in relation to caring for the child. Basic support includes expenses for housing, school, food, clothing, transportation, etc. Medical support is any health insurance costs and dental provided. Finally, expenses related to caring for the child such as daycare. The child support guidelines have been incorporated into a child support guidelines calculator that is available to the public online. If you would like to see how child support is calculated, the calculator is available here.

Do I Need a Child Support Attorney?

Having a child support attorney can make the process much easier for both parents. Knowledgeable attorneys know the laws particular to the state they serve in. There are various rules, regulations, and steps involved in child support. Having an attorney can benefit a parent because the process can become complicated very quickly. Child support attorneys can help understand the law and what is expected of the parent and even estimate child support costs.

Minnesota Child Support Attorney’s

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