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Differences between Guardianship and Conservatorship

“Guardianships” and “Conservatorships” are often incorrectly used for the same situations. While in both scenarios, the court appoints someone to act in the best interests of a “ward” or “protected person” respectively, the the powers and duties of guardians and conservators are very different.


What is a Guardianship?

Guardians are appointed by the court to maintain responsibility for the personal affairs and personal property of the ward (someone who is unable to make important decisions for themselves). Guardians make decisions concerning place of residence, medical needs, and safety, in addition to ensuring that basic needs of the ward are met.


What is a Conservatorship?

Much like with a guardianship, a conservatorship seeks to protect the protected person by managing their financial affairs. Unlike guardians, however, conservators do not have the ability to make decisions regarding personal matters or personal property. Instead, they are responsible for handling the finances, banking, and real estate of the protected person. Conservators pay bills, sign contracts, manage real estate, protect and invest money, and handle other financial concerns. It is important to note, however, that a conservator is not obligated to spend personal funds on behalf of the protected person.


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